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Megan Archer

Hey hi hello. I haven’t introduced myself since I’ve been in my new studio, so I figured I would tell you 5 random facts!!!

•I love doing hair, but if I didn’t, I would love to do interior design, be a birth doula, or plan events.

•This is not original of me at all, but my favorite time and place is the beach at sunset or sunrise. It feels…so perfect and peaceful.

•I grew up in the middle of two brothers, and I am thankful for the way that it made me a tough cookie. I also blame them for my sass. Had to keep up somehow.

•If I had to choose one last beverage, it would probably be an iced matcha with peppermint. 10/10 try it.

•I used to be so terrified of flying (fear of heights I guess) but my desire to experience the world is greater so I just keep putting my booty on planes and my fear is pretty minimal now.



Krystle has had a passion for hair and the beauty industry for most of her life. Krystle has mastered a quantity of hair techniques. Specializing in color corrections, luxury blonding services, fashion colors, and is a color specialist. Whether it's something elegant or bold that you are looking for your hair journey starts here.  Krystle is certified in Babe, Hotheads, and Bellami hair extensions along with Brazilian Blowout. Her eagerness to create a fabulous all around salon experience for each client led her to have her own salon suite. Making sure she delivers on what the client has asked for is extremely important to her. With an unquenchable thirst for the latest cutting-edge techniques Krystle is constantly honoring her skills through continuing advanced education. 

Krystle Dutton

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